“I recommend Guillermo Iasillo to my friends and family members because he is very professional at what he does.
He took over my case about two years ago when my medical was taken away three months after I had my daughter and eight months later in 2012 I was hospitalized with a VP Shunt malfunction and I had no way in paying the medical bills. In 2012 I had a total of four VP Shunt surgeries in my brain in a short period of time. I left work and school to have a full recovery from the four surgeries.
During my recovery I was getting pressured by the Dominican  hospital in Santa Cruz to make payments on my hospital bills. I was without a job and still recovering from the surgeries there was no way for me to make payments. I met Guillermo in June 2012 when he came to Santa Cruz shortly after I had my third surgery. I handed him over my case about my medical insurance to have them cover my bills. He worked hard over my case so I could get my medical back. He did an extraordinary job when he took over my case in June I was able to get my medical within 3 months.
It’s amazing how he worked at a fast paste and from a long distance.
Thank you for your service and for your help.”



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