“I was originally dreading having to contact the Legal Aid Society of Orange County.
As I searched for their information, I stumbled along O.C. Legal Help. I thought I would try them first, based on what appeared to be a 5* rating!
Honestly, after my experience today with Guillermo, I experienced a 10*+ rating. He was everything that everyone else has said: “professional, helpful, efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, and actually cared to help me. I am so grateful and appreciative of his time and assistance.
My particular situation was so complex and complicated! I didn’t even know what kind of Attorney I would need…. yet he provided me with the best service, resulting in a better outcome than if I would have gotten an Attorney. He is genuine, and interested in making a difference in helping someone .
“Thank you” is not enough!!!! Save yourself a lot of BS, and contact Guillermo first. You will be glad you did.”



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