“I want to begin this post by saying to anyone , if your looking for legal help, Guillermo knows more then most lawyers.
As he is kind and caring and very efficient The office is beautiful and as such a wonderful energy to it. I have had legal issues the last 2 and half years , and finding lawyers who aren’t corrupt or Actual care about you as a human being. That’s how Guillermo made me feel and now on several occasions, it’s been down to the wire to file and he comes through. He literally has been an Angel sent from God. I will be thankful for the rest of my life and feel like they have become family.
Customer service these days is almost completely gone. So in the midst of the most horrible time in your life and all you want is someone to care about you and your situation, well I found it with G and this family at OC Legal.
Blessings D”



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