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    DJ Danny M.

    “Very easy to deal with, Guillermo is very knowledgeable, professional and he knows what he is doing with many years of experience.
    He makes everything painless, especially sensitive cases, I recommend OC Legal Help and willing to do business with them again.
    Thank you, Guillermo for all your help.”


    Roman C.

    “I had an excellent experience with Guillermo, where he personally helped me in complex business situation.
    He solved my issue competently and efficiently, took care fast and had the best resolution. When my friend recommended me Guillermo, I was not sure what to do. Then I knew he was the right one.
    The solution provided fit my budget and a resolution ensued.”


    Jack M.

    “I met Guillermo thru  business contact , when I had a legal problem I knew he’s the only guy I can trust and I was right . Since he took my case , he’s been guiding me step by step , he’s the kind of guy he will take your phone call on a Sunday  .
    I was scared in the beginning but with his guidance I felt at ease . I knew  at the end things will work out and it did . There’s nothing scarier not knowing where My case could have been going but Guillermo took charge and he handled my case and my case is closed now .
    I can sleep peacefully now .
    Thank you to OC Legal help and Guillermo they saved my life .”


    Gloria H.

    “I walked in and recieved immediate help.
    No need for appointments, just immediate help. I am very thankful.
    Everyone was very warm and helpful.
    Thank you!”


    Victoria M.

    “I recommend Guillermo Iasillo to my friends and family members because he is very professional at what he does.
    He took over my case about two years ago when my medical was taken away three months after I had my daughter and eight months later in 2012 I was hospitalized with a VP Shunt malfunction and I had no way in paying the medical bills. In 2012 I had a total of four VP Shunt surgeries in my brain in a short period of time. I left work and school to have a full recovery from the four surgeries.
    During my recovery I was getting pressured by the Dominican  hospital in Santa Cruz to make payments on my hospital bills. I was without a job and still recovering from the surgeries there was no way for me to make payments. I met Guillermo in June 2012 when he came to Santa Cruz shortly after I had my third surgery. I handed him over my case about my medical insurance to have them cover my bills. He worked hard over my case so I could get my medical back. He did an extraordinary job when he took over my case in June I was able to get my medical within 3 months.
    It’s amazing how he worked at a fast paste and from a long distance.
    Thank you for your service and for your help.”


    Walter C.

    “Excellent service with us, to fast and friendly, accessible payments and incredible people working in this company.
    Thanks for your help with us, we are really happy.”


    Elie O.

    “Guillermo has been heaven sent, he has always been prompt to answer any questions and has gone above and beyond for me.
    People like him no longer exist.
    Therefore I am very grateful to have found him. He is very accommodating and has the best interest for me and my children.  On top of being extremely knowledgeable he has the kindest heart, which proves he loves his job.
    Thank you Guillermo for guiding me in such a difficult time, I have no way to repay you.
    What I can say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of me and my children”


    Danilo B.

    “O.C. Legal help is so Professional &  Very Quik to assist me on resolving my case that i would highly recommend them to anyone !
    They work as a team that is here to win your case .if anybody needs assistance do not hesitate to call them & ask for there Help !
    O.C LEGAL HELP  are the best in the business ! THank You So Much for your Help ! God Bless !!…
    SINCERELY Small Business OWNER in SANTA ANA .


    Chris T.

    “Highly  recommended , very professional  and Knowledgeable.
    Since i work all day they offered me a flexible schedule for my case. Impressed with the Service I have received.
    Fair price for an amazing service.
    Thank you for helping me in my mediation and custody case for my daughter.”


    Jim D.

    “First of all, I’m not a big reviewer. I’ve posted a review here or there, but I don’t normally take time out of my day to do this sort of thing.  However, Guillermo, the owner of OC Legal Help, is truly deserving of my time to come here and tell you about him.
    I’m a provider of professional services myself; and I can say that I’ve rarely had the experience of a professional services provider taking such a personal interest in my situation. I can take a lesson from Guillermo.
    I’m actually going through divorce as I write this, and can say that it truly is one of the most stressful things a person can go through.  I think that many people probably feel the way I have: alone and without the support of someone who really understands what you’re going through.  Guillermo has been right there with me.
    Guillermo has gone out of his way to understand the personal dynamics between me and my wife, and not only does that help him navigate the mediation process, but he has provided something just as important — moral support.  I can’t overstate how helpful it has been to have the sympathetic ear of someone who really knows what you’re going through.   He also has gone out of his way and beyond the call of duty at almost every turn.
    You want to work with Guillermo.  He knows his stuff, is professional, and you really feel that he’s your partner in an otherwise very difficult process.  I can’t recommend him enough.”


    Michelle D.

    “I am so thankful to have found Guillermo and OC Legal Help!
    He is one of the kindest people I have ever met. After being left in quite a predicament by another legal service I was panicked and in quite a bind.
    Guillermo calmly and confidently explained what needed to be done and made time for me to come in the very next day. Guillermo is extremely knowledgeable, professional and efficient.
    I quickly realized he is a man of integrity and compassion for the community. I left his office with a great sense of relief and gratitude. I highly recommend Guillermo for all your legal matters. If I could give 10 stars I definitely would.
    Thank you Guillermo and OC Legal Help. You are truly appreciated!”


    Jim B.

    “WOW, Fantastic service. HIghly recommanded.
    They are very courteous and responsive and made my legal problem a thing of the past…………
    They truely know how to help you if you need Legal help.
    Thanks Again.”


    Reina L.

    “I give them a five star reveiw proudly.
    The work is outstsnding. The attorney Manfredo Lespier is outstanding.
    I highly recommend them, if you need a good team on your case, if you need personal attention to your case, good legal guidance, The team at Oc Legal Help is where i found it. Had gone some place else before, paid for nothing.
    Came to Oc legal Help and got a great attorney. Got peace of mind. The work here is good. Even when i call at all hours of my sleepless nights.
    Guillermo always answers, they worked with me, talk to me,  took time with me. The legal work is outstanding here. The team is outstsnding.
    Thank You for everything Oc Legal Help.”


    Carolyn L.

    “Thank you Guillermo for your help.
    I was so stressful when came to OC legal help for help. My employer did not pay me eventhought I did everything I could. But right after came to OC legal help, Guillermo got the agreement promised to pay between me and Co.
    Guillermo is very dedicated person to help people in any circumtances or difficult situation.
    I greatly recommend you or any of your friend if have any issues matter , please come to OC LEGAL HELP and you will get peace, get the answer quickly as you deserved.”


    Tanya P.

    “I am so happy with OC legal help!
    I really did not know what I was doing at all.  But Guillermo Iasillo helped me do everything.  He made everything painless and easy for me.
    I won my case and even was paid the money!  I never would have done anything if it wasn’t for his help.  Very knowledgeable and friendly.
    I would recommend this place to anyone!”


    Ed M.

    “Guillermo and his team are a total Professional outfit! I was married 22 years and with kids, properties and financial ties Guillermo really helped me navigate through the process where lawyers could not after 18 very long months and very expensive ordeal; Guillermo helped us end the divorce.
    He is responsive and will be there for any questions that you may have and walk you through the journey at the most difficult time of your life.
    We were both very pleased with his service!”


    Dawn F.

    “I want to begin this post by saying to anyone , if your looking for legal help, Guillermo knows more then most lawyers.
    As he is kind and caring and very efficient The office is beautiful and as such a wonderful energy to it. I have had legal issues the last 2 and half years , and finding lawyers who aren’t corrupt or Actual care about you as a human being. That’s how Guillermo made me feel and now on several occasions, it’s been down to the wire to file and he comes through. He literally has been an Angel sent from God. I will be thankful for the rest of my life and feel like they have become family.
    Customer service these days is almost completely gone. So in the midst of the most horrible time in your life and all you want is someone to care about you and your situation, well I found it with G and this family at OC Legal.
    Blessings D”


    Rosheen S.

    “I was originally dreading having to contact the Legal Aid Society of Orange County.
    As I searched for their information, I stumbled along O.C. Legal Help. I thought I would try them first, based on what appeared to be a 5* rating!
    Honestly, after my experience today with Guillermo, I experienced a 10*+ rating. He was everything that everyone else has said: “professional, helpful, efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, and actually cared to help me. I am so grateful and appreciative of his time and assistance.
    My particular situation was so complex and complicated! I didn’t even know what kind of Attorney I would need…. yet he provided me with the best service, resulting in a better outcome than if I would have gotten an Attorney. He is genuine, and interested in making a difference in helping someone .
    “Thank you” is not enough!!!! Save yourself a lot of BS, and contact Guillermo first. You will be glad you did.”


    Amanda L.

    “Guillermo was literally a life saver.
    We needed some documents made for us to sign, and be able to move out of state. The whole process went smooth and fast. He was very flexible meeting with us and I was able to communicate well with him.
    I highly highly recommend this place!”


    Zoe O.

    “Guillermo has helped me on a number of occasions.
    I trust his advice and ability to handle legal documentation.
    His prices are more than reasonable. I recommend him 100%.”


    Joseph C.

    “I would have never imagine a lawyer could seriously put forth the genuine thought, and care for a first time consultation.
    With a positive and simple approach I believe he proved his services mean more to him than just another person.
    More like Family. Which stands out very much, thank you! !!”


    Andy R.

    “Guillermo is the most compassionate and professional person I have met to date. G is an ambitious pro. When He says don’t worry I will take care of it, He means it.
    I totally trust this Guillermo.
    He has proven to me to be faithful multiple times. Just looking at schooling certificates placards all over his office wall are very impressive to me, indeed.


    Martin L.

    “After making several unsuccessful calls to different legal offices, I was able to find the help I needed from OC Legal.
    Mr. Guillermo handled my legal needs in a professional and timely manner. He reassured me that everything was going to be okay, which gave me the peace I was looking for.
    Thanks to him, my case is now fixed. I am very grateful with the high quality service I received from OC Legal.
    If you are looking to get for someone to handle your case, I would highly recommend Mr. Guillermo from OC Legal services.”


    Gabriela S.

    “OC Legal Help Was the best choice! After looking for an attorney for my divorce finding out the large cost, I started looking for other options and I found Guillermo Iasillo from OC Legal Help, he guided me through the most difficult time and choices in someone’s life, he explained all my choices and outcomes. I want to thank him for all his help and support.
    Now a days It’s hard to find people like him, people that really care and look for your best interests not theirs.
    THANK YOU! Guillermo.”


    Susy T.

    “This is the first time I am going to write a review and I am doing it just because I have to say Guillermo is a very kind and peaceful person who makes a divorce I would say an easy process.
    After 19 years of marriage I got divorced in 6 months and Guillermo help both of us to avoid any kind of disagreements, fights or any other particular not easy parts of a divorce. Thank you Guillermo for your help !
    Después de 19 años de estar casada, decidí divorciarme, desde un principio me negué a contratar un abogado sin antes intentar llegar a acuerdos de forma objetiva y pacifica con mi ex marido, fue entonces cuando conocí a Guillermo quien nos guió a ambos a tomar decisiones adecuadas pensando siempre en el bienestar de nuestros hijos que es lo que siempre me ha interesado.
    No me queda otra que agradecerle a Guillermo por la dedicación al caso y ayudarme a que el divorcio sea quizá atípico para muchas personas y con esto me refiero a que gracias a la mediación nunca hubo necesidad de pelear o contratar un abogado.”


    Camerina E.

    “I’ve had the best service from Guillermo. He has helped me with many cases and has been very professional and efficient with my time.
    I highly recommend him to anyone needing support.”


    Rosalia K.

    “I contacted this agency to help my mom, sisters, and me deal with a very volatile inheritance conflict. Guillermo Lasillo, Spanish Speaking Mediator responded immediately to my email.
    He attentively listened to my concerns. However, he respectfully told me he had to hear my mother’s concerns first before meeting as a family.
    He went on and beyond the call of duty to call my mom spending unpaid time. My mom and two sisters refused the mediation process. There was no unification of resolution.
    However, Mr Lasillo was always professional, supportive, sensitive, and patient without taking sides. I am very grateful for his attempts in providing intervention, promoting peace not war within my dysfunctional family system.
    I highly recommend his level of expertise.”


    Bill A.

    “Guillermo, and his team are amazing and they really go out of their to make sure they take care of all your problems.
    They did an amazing job for me and took care of few tickets I had and a warrant.
    Thank you so much for everything.”


    Boutheina E.

    “Best divorce mediator in Southern California , he did all my procedures very smooth ! he knows how to get the 2 sides to agree on what we want !
    Thank you ! I will definitely referred him to my friends and family in the future”


    Anabel D.

    “Oc legal help es muy bueno excelente trato me resolvió mi divorcio en 2 meses algo que mi abogado nunca pudo resolver en 2 años .
    Muchas gracias a OC LEGAL HELP”


    Luis R.

    “Being sued is never a pleasant experience and going through the court processes for the first time could be a little overwhelming.
    Thanks to Guillermo’s guidance we were able to avoid a lien being placed against our property and secure our assets.
    Guillermo is very professional and has many years of experience.
    Ask for Guillermo for all your legal needs!”


    Sal V.

    “Guillermo helped me out w/a labor dispute from a former employee.
    Guillermo was tasked w/negotiating the settlement, paying my former employee & documenting it.
    Overall I have to say I was happy w/the outcome & I would recommend Guillermo & the O.C. Legal Help team.
    Thank you Guillermo.”


    Micaela S.

    “Guillermo and his team are amazing!
    They are always so helpful and they always have the answer to any question you got!”


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