Shahida Nasir

Shahida Nasir is a highly effective mediator in our Sacramento area office, possessing Alternative Dispute Resolution training and certified with a Meditation Certification from Orange County Human Relations and their Court Approved training.

Working under the auspices of Orange County Human Relations, Shahida gained extensive experience in peaceful resolution of various legal disputes, with a focus on small claims, such as property disputes, contractual and partnership disputes, wrongful termination, as well as several civil harassment claims.

Honing her mediation skills through court based situations, Shahida’s mission is to promote peaceful resolution of conflict and raise awareness as to the value of mediation. She is a firm believer and promoter of peace and strongly believes that mediation is absolutely the right tool for that.

She is fluent in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi

Realtor | Notary
Gladys Guirao

Gladys is the Realtor and Notary in our offices. She has an extraordinary record of outstanding jobs performed with us, mainly in divorces actions where there are pieces of Real Estate involved.

Valuations of assets, title conditions, all the paperwork related to that arena are perfectly handled by her.

She notarizes and validates all the agreements that are brought to our offices.

She is knowledgable about living trusts, contracts, bankruptcies and estates as well.

Speaks Spanish English and Italian.

Connie Buenaventura

Connie Buenaventura is an experienced mediator from the County of Orange in Southern California. She had obtained her training and certification from Community Service Programs (CSP) an approved training facility by the State of California.

Under direct supervision of CSP, Connie accomplished many successful mediations with emphasis on Small Claims, Landlord/Tenant cases (Unlawful detainer) and Civil Harassment at North Justice Center in Fullerton, California. She has also served the Santa Ana and the Harbor Courts.

Connie is originally from the Philippines where she obtained her Engineering degree. She has a strong background in Finance and Administration. She is fluent in Filipino and English.

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